June 22, 2024

Introduction: What are The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder and How Does it Work?

The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder is a special key that can be used to unlock some of the more rare loot in the game, including rare weapons and an exotic weapon skin.

The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder can be obtained from any of the DLCs available for purchase. The only way for you to unlock it is by using a Key Fragment, which you can get from any source starting with your main mission.

The Umbral Decoder can be used once you reach the highest level in your game.

Key fragment locations: Main Mission

Once you start The Division 2’s main line of missions, you will meet different NPCs that will give you tasks to complete. One of these NPCs is Faye Lau, who will task your agent with various side-quests in different places.

One of these quests is called “Note to self”, and it will give you the key fragment necessary to unlock The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder.

How to Unlock the Umbral Decoder With an Uncatchable Keycode

The Umbral Decoder is a device that was a limited edition item in the game and has now been made available for digital download. It is only unlocked with an uncatchable keycode.

The only way to get the keycode to unlock the Umbral Decoder is by playing through the main story of The Surge and collecting all collectibles that were scattered around the game world. Depending on the player’s level, there is a chance that an optional dialogue will be triggered with Jed, the boss of the game.

Once this has happened, you can find the keycode to unlock The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder in your inventory file in The Surge.

The Division 2’s Umbral Decoder is exclusive to Xbox One and will be available for download on The Division 2’s launch day. So, if you want to unlock this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, make sure to buy the game before it’s too late!

The Umbral Decoder can be unlocked by completing the missions given by NPCs throughout the game world. By default, these missions are set to level 31. If you are not that far into the story yet, just come back to it after gaining a few levels and then proceed with your regular missions. If an NPC gives you a specific mission before this point in time, just complete it and wait for another one to be given to you by another NPC.

How To Get the Umberal Decoder on PC, Xbox One & PS4 Without Buying It

With the Umberal Decoder, a player can become a master of deciphering ancient texts. This is also one of the most sought-after items in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

In order to install this item, you will need the code.

·      In case of Steam – Login to your Steam account and click on “Games” in the menu bar, then scroll down to find AoEO: Definitive Edition and click on it. After that, go to “CD-Key” which will give you an access code.

·      For Xbox One players – Go to the Microsoft store and create your account for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. After that, go to “Redeem Code” which will give you an access code.

·      For PlayStation 4 players – Similar to Xbox, go to the PlayStation Store and click on “Redeem Code”. After that, you will be provided with an access code.

·         al Decoder can be obtained from acquiring all collectibles in The Surge. However, it may also become available for purchase on June 4.


The best way to upgrade your umberal decoder without losing your keycode is to update your keycode before upgrading the decoder.

A lot of people lose their keycode and need to upgrade their device in order to continue using their service. If they don’t update their keycode, it will be lost and they won’t be able to use the device again.

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